ETSU Cadets Travel the World for Summer Training

4:00 PM, Friday, 3 June 2011

You'll find Buc Battalion Cadets all over the globe this summer - in places like Alaska, Russia, and Tanzania - as they participate in a wide variety of ROTC training and leader development opportunities. Beginning in early June, thirteen rising seniors (along with nearly 7000 other Cadets from around the country) will put their campus training and leadership skills to the test during the Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC). Known as "Warrior Forge," this 29-day course at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, near Seattle, WA, places heavy physical and mental demands on each Cadet, from the Army Physical Fitness Test shortly after arrival, to the ultimate challenge of leading a squad or patrol in the field as various tactical scenarios unfold without warning. While these Cadets are experiencing ROTC's capstone training event, a smaller group of prospective ETSU Cadets will attend the 29-day Leader's Training Course at Fort Knox, KY, to learn the basics of ROTC and Army leadership. Following their graduation and return to campus in the Fall, these Cadets will be ready to contract and begin formally pursuing their commission.

Cadet Austion Hall - Air Assault Training

Cadet Austin Hall gets ready to repel down a wall at the Air Assault course at Fort Knox, KY.

Throughout June and July, ETSU Cadets will also jump out of airplanes during Airborne training at Fort Benning, GA; conduct field training with West Point Cadets at the US Military Academy; serve in an Army hospital at Fort Wainwright, AK, as part of the Nurse Summer Training Program; and experience what it's like to be a platoon leader during various Cadet Troop Leading Training (CTLT) assignments at Army Posts across the Nation. Meanwhile, outside the US, four Cadets will travel to Russia, Slovakia, or Tanzania to participate in one of Cadet Command's cultural awareness and language programs. As part of the "CULP" or "Project GO" programs, Cadets will spend nearly a month overseas, gaining valuable language skills and immersing themselves in a foreign culture - a tremendous experience that will make them more well-rounded college students and future Army officers.

Earlier this Summer, Cadet Austin Hall (Maryville, TN) earned his Air Assault wings after graduating from the demanding Air Assault course at Fort Knox, KY. With one training course already complete and many others about to begin, it promises to be a busy but exciting Summer for the Cadets of the Buc Battalion! To find out more about how you can take advantage of opportunities like these, check out the Future Cadets section of our website, or contact us by phone, email, or Facebook.

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