Buc Battalion Competes in the U.S. Army Small Arms Championship

1 March 2012-11 March 2012

Five Cadets of the Eddie Reed Ranger Company, an elite program which specializes in Infantry and small arms tactics competed in the U.S. Army Small Arms Championship at Ft. Benning, Georgia over the duration of their Spring Break. A variety of specialized units which included, but were not limited to, Soldiers of the U.S. Medical Corp, Special Operations, and a number of Infantry and Armored Brigade Combat Teams. These teams competed in a series of rifle marksmanship events. Cadet George Ford from New Port Richey, FL was quoted saying, "One of the most beneficial elements of this competition was the opportunity to interact with specialized Soldiers who never hesitated to provide instrumental and applicable marksmanship knowledge."

Cadets of the Eddie Reed Ranger Company participated in marksmanship events that required both physical and mental prowess. Events included a timed approach march which concluded with a rapid fire assault on targets ranging from distances of 100 to 400 yards as well as slow fire engagements of targets from 500 yards and rapid fire engagements from 25 to 75 yards.

Warrior Week

ETSU Cadets Competes in the U.S. Army Small Arms Championship

The U.S. Army Small Arms Championship not only allowed the Cadets to compete against some of the top marksman in the Army but also provided an opportunity for team and personnel growth. Cadet Austin Hall of Maryville, TN stated, "My experience really helped me learn about myself and the patience I need to better myself and others by providing individual knowledge and learning."

This event was also a great training opportunity for a competition held at Xavier University which the team competes in each year called "Xavier Best Ranger Competition." There the Eddie Reed Ranger Company will compete in 2-man buddy teams over a course of a day against over 30 other schools in events that include the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), hand grenade assault course, stress shoot, weapons assembly and disassembly, land navigation, one rope bridge, and an unknown off-road ruck march in the dark of night. Cadet Adam Harrison of Bristol, TN said this of his experience, "In addition to the excellent training we received in the operation of small arms, the trip to the U.S. Army Marksmanship Championship solidified the bonds between the members of the Eddie Reed Ranger Company, and in my mind will no doubt allow us to operate more effectively in our future endeavors because of a knowledge and understanding of each other's abilities and personalities."

The five members of the team that made the trip were senior William Parrott, juniors Austin Hall and George Ford, sophomore Adam Harrison, and freshman Alex Dayton.

Story written by: Cadet William Parrott

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